Omdat het zo toepasselijk is voor vandaag (vorige post), omdat het zo een mooi nummer is en omdat ik met Ishisu Ishtar meeleef... voor iedereen die het moeilijk heeft...

 Bro Hymn Tribute

 To our best friend,
Present past and beyond
Even though they weren't with us too long
Your life is the most precious thing that we could lose
While you were here the fun was neverending
Laugh a minute only the beginning
Jason (my brother)
Matthew Thirsk this one's for you
Ever get the feeling you can't go on
Just remember whose side it is that you're on
You've got friends with you till the end
If you're ever in a tough situation we'll be there with no hesitation
Brotherhood's our rule that cannot bend
When you're feeling too close to the bottom
You know who it is you can count on
Someone will pick you up again we can conquer anything together
All of us are bonded forever if you die I die that's the way it is

song by Pennywise


United we stand, divided we fall!!!!


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